Belle Wisdom Circles

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Belle Wisdom Circles honor the Divine Feminine from one of the most ancient goddesses. And help people reclaim their inner feminine energy, live their truth, and fulfill their highest purpose. Goddess circles can also provide a space for friendship and wisdom and help people meet like-minded women.


Meet the Goddess Belle

These circles are designed for women, but mixed-gender circles are available upon request. Some of their circles include “Moontime Magic”, which explores the wisdom of symptoms and embracing periods, and “Aromatic Evening”, which uses organic ingredients to create a perfume necklace.

  • These monthly, two-hour sessions are a space for women to share their stories and speak from the heart, and can help strangers become sisters
  • Receive personalized messages from the Goddess Belle related to a specific area of your life.
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Our circles are always aligned with the energy and flow of that time and space.

The Belle Wisdom Circle is an ancient and universal symbol of unity, sacredness, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, female power, and the sun. All goddess circles cherish nature as exemplified in the symbol of the Great Mother or Goddess of Wisdom, Belle.

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