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Welcome to 1300 Chakras Activation and Course

Many only hear about the 7 chakras. So when you activate the 8th chakra you are open to all your chakras which is 1300,  from your lower chakras (1-7) to your higher chakras.

What’s Possible? Full Gaia Integration

The amazing brilliance of 1300 lights!

Step Ahead: Don’t Look Back

Brie is trained in the special knowledge required to open your upper chakras, and cleansing and replacing the energies of your lower chakras. Brie is able to go in and activate 8th chakra and above which fully connects you to Source and Mother Goddess/Gaia and the Universe

Lemuria Rising

Incredible Wisdom: Perfect Journeying

Our workshops are designed for those who are interested and open to working directly with Divine Intelligence to facilitate healing and activation to Spirit at all levels.

Today, geologists know that Pangaea was just the most recent in a series of mighty super-continents.Over hundreds of millions of years, enormous plates of Earth’s crust have drifted together and then apart. Pangaea ruled from roughly 400 million to about 200 million years ago.

Journey Opportunities: Decision, Decisions, Decisions

We are delighted to be featuring instructors and practitioners to share their content and experience with you.

Dr. Brie Gibbs: Have No Limits.

Dr. Brie helps you feel grounded, as she works with you in a light-hearted manner with joy and laughter.

Our Master Teachers: Skilled to Serve.

The Silver Gaia Academy of the Goddess is an learning circle for Goddess and Women’s Spirituality, Activation, Women’s Empowerment and Wisdom Practices for the return to earth.