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Dr Brie Gibbs: Fourth Generation High Priestess I AM Bringing this knowledge to others so they may learn from my ancestrial lineage of the Goddess Light

I bring  information forward, with immense gratitude,  for the benefit of all.

Author/Radio Host


Tune in for Silver Gaia Radio and look for Brie’s new book coming soon:  “Through The Eyes of an Elven”

Psychic Medium

High Priestess, Healer, Animal Communicator


Co-founder of Silver Gaia LLC.

Founder of Goddess Light Lemurian Shamanic Healing and Goddess Light Crystal healing.

Master Channel

Join Brie as The Channel for Elven Maghi Lehi, on their journey to educate us on why they are here, and how they will help us return balance to Mother Earth.

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    Silver Gaia – The Opening of the Healing Waters of Mother Earth/Goddess Gaia

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Silver Gaia Blog is a place to voice views, share knowledge and abilities, and help others be their authentic self. As we walk our path each day in the Goddess Light, we are able to embrace the true essence of who we are and share the ancient knowledge we brought to the planet at this time.

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The Goddesses were placed in many different areas to hold the spiritual vibration of Love!