Message from The Green Goddess

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Message from The Green Goddess

I am the Green Goddess. I had to wait till the soul agreement was completed to be able to speak with you now.  It took months for the merging to happen. Now that I am able to speak, I give you this message.

As I speak with you now, I bring many of my priestesses with me, Galactic’s, councils of light have all come that have been working with you to get you ready before my arrival. I am of the divine feminine which has reemerged at this time with the 5th light opening. Standing strong in the light we are here to bring hope and love and healing to all. I would like you to know that what is happening on the planet it is a prophecy that had to come to light to help thin the veil. You will see truth now.  Do not fear anything for we are all with you and all are helping you right now. It may seem dark but if you look closely you will see the light. There is chaos everywhere you may look but you can change that by loving each other now, no matter what. Would you turn your back on your own child? I say no, but many have and that is when I come in and hold that child close to the energy of my love.

All of you are from the Universe, you were born to this Earth for a special reason. Many may not understand this yet, but you will understand soon. As I continue to bring messages now you can call to me and I am there with you. Now is the time for the divine feminine to hold your heads up high and remember you are the future, along with the children being born even right now as I speak. Too many of you doubt even my words. I am not to prove you wrong or right, I am only to help guide you as my sister and brother have been here to help guide before my arrival. The love that comes from me goes to each one of you. Know that love and silence is the answer.  Do not argue with anyone for that brings more chaos, and remember to look to the stars as you are looking at your homes.

This is a very important time for the future of the planet and all of you understand this. I bring this message with love, no matter how you may feel there is an angel or a guide waiting to help you in any manner that represents the light.

I leave with this last message:  I am the Great Mother of all and when the soul agreement was completed this was taken very seriously by many. Not just myself but the Universe is depending on this prophecy. I was asked about a black snack, the oil that spills in the land or damage to the water which effects more than many realize. It just does not affect humans it affects many species such as the mermaids, which live in the 7th light, animals feel the vibrational change. Many are asking what is happening, we feel different. That is due to the difference between the illusion and truth. Many think there is something they must do to help themselves with the ascension – stay in truth and light for that is your ascension. The light of the 6th is coming soon.  Your astronomers do not even realize this is happening right now. Where fear exists, it is an illusion. When you look at yourselves in the 3rd dimensional ways that is an illusion. You are in your light bodies now, no need to heal from the 3rd, you made it to the 5th dimension, healing already happened.

Blessed Be My Children.

The Green Goddess

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