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The name Silver Gaia represents the opening of the silver stream by Mother Goddess Gaia, which is a silver waterfall for all to visit for healing.  It is now open after centuries of being closed.

Brieanne Gibbs, PhD

I’m sitting in my office this morning, looking at my altar.  It takes me back to the beginning of my goddess life.  A child of 9, I could hear and see things other children could not.  I was the type of child that would look under the bed and not be afraid.  My mother, aunts and grandmother practiced the ancient Mother Goddess/Gaia way of life.  I watched with such excitement as I learned and mastered this way of life.  Such wonderment came over me, as I started my training, that to this day I cannot explain the depth of it all.

During my training I told my mother, “I know this”.  I showed her what I remembered and she held my hands in such a loving way to help lead me to a large altar.  I then bathed in the remembrance of my past life as in-service to the Mother Goddess/Gaia and Creator/Source.  As time went on I understood why it was so important that we work in the light, and why God and Goddess work together as one.  I continued learning to master one element at a time, starting with herbal law, learning to work with flower essences to create spiritual oils.  I learned healing with crystals and where to place them, as well as the importance of performing ceremony as my  mother and grandmother did before me.  My feelings of gratitude came flowing with tears of joy as I realized how connected we all are.

My mother and I walked and enjoyed the beauty of the earth, ocean, and fields of flowers.  That is when I first say my faeries next to me along with dragonflies and butterflies, with such brilliance of color.  As we continued to walk I saw my first angel with such amazement it brought me to tears.  Seeing my guardian angel, I realized I was not so alone.

I am now 57 years old, and have been teaching others for over 30 years in Goddess Light.  Some may call me a Witch, others a Goddess.  To me I am just Brie, being in service to the Creator/Source and the Mother Goddess/Gaia.  Many centuries ago we worked as one with Creator/Source & Mother Goddess/Gaia.  As the Great Merlin has said, “One God leads us to thee God”.

As a Fourth Generation High Priestess I am bringing this knowledge to others so they may learn from my ancestral lineage of the Goddess Light.  I bring this information forward, with immense gratitude, for the benefit of all.  As the Masters bring the information forward, it will be released to the Universe and others.  I help others on their spiritual journeys as they embrace their true authentic selves.  My passion is teaching the Lemurian information from the Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and others, the true I AM Presence, communicating with my many animals, and showing others how they can apply the ancient ways, knowledge and wisdom for today’s world.