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Work with Brie

Journey Together

Private Sessions
Brie works with her hands using the guidance of all councils of light, galactic council, angelic council, the ancient goddess council of Lemuria, and the skulls to do her work. As a planetary worker she is guided to help remove deities in ceremony and the matrix hooks that were placed by Lemurian goddesses over 50,000 years ago to hold the energy of Love until we were ready to do our job.

Brie works with 2 very special skulls that were activated and given to her by an unknown giver so she can continue to bring in the messages years in advance.

• Trans Channel and Mediumship
• Goddess Light Shamanic Healing (DNA, pineal activations, prana healing and breathing, golden particles, and essential oils)
• Works with Archangel Michael to cut etheric cords & attachment removals
• Works with Archangel Gabriel to work with women and children
• Goddess Light Crystal Healing
• Readings
• Works with Goddess Councils, Angelic Councils, Galactic Councils, and all Councils of Light

Work with Brie