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Silver Gaia Radio with Dr. Brie Gibbs

Live every 2nd & 4th Monday at 11am Pacific & every Thursday 1pm Pacific on Transformation Talk Radio.

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Silver Gaia Radio is formed to bring forth new information supporting the ascension process happening on the planet now. Our goals are to explain what is happening and why, share new knowledge and truths, teach the Goddess Light, and show others how to live an enlightened and authentic life by standing in their own power.

Each show is designed to share and discuss timely key messages and truths from Brie as well as those coming forth from God/Goddesses (working as one), Ascended Masters, Elven world, and others wishing to communicate. Guest speakers will also join many of the shows sharing their experiences and knowledge specific to each show, and answering listener questions.

Brie is an author, medium, channel and teacher of the Goddess Light. She is a fourth-generation High Priestess, lemurian shamanic healer, planetary worker, ordained spiritual minister, certified crystal healer and energy practitioner, reiki master, and advanced theta healer. As a light creator, she is here to bring forth new information needed at this time in our evolution.

Silver Gaia Radio welcomes both Ted & Christina Winslow!

Ted WinslowTed Winslow is internationally acclaimed for his pioneering work through research and development of sound healing and it’s positive effect on the human energy field.

Ted’s music features SOUNDSYNCTECH™, a customized brainwave technology developed through binaural beats, compositions, sacred geometry, numerology, tunings, state-of-the art recording technologies, and frequencies to create Theta & Alpha brainwave states.

Christina WinslowChristina Calisto Winslow brings training and support through her consulting, writing, classes, and her radio presence, which has over 100,000 subscribers in the consciousness talk radio market segment over the past four years. She brings more than 25 years of combined experience in alternative health, publishing, marketing; and Fortune 500 corporate sales and management.

Christina offers her clients a unique perspective of the wellness industry from her experience as an Alternative Health Business Trainer, QHHT Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Energy Medicine and Aromatherapy Instructor, Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, and Certified Massage Therapist.

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