Crystal Voyage Psychic Fair

//Crystal Voyage Psychic Fair

Crystal Voyage Psychic Fair

Crystal Voyage Physic Fair

Recently, Silver Gaia LLC moved their office to Crystal Voyage in Tacoma, WA.  When we moved in, I was asked if I wanted to participate at Crystal Voyage’s psychic fair.

This is not an ordinary psychic fair. I should first explain, I have long been involved with intuitive fairs or Goddess Fairs, and my experience has been it is like head hunters looking for prey! This is not of the Goddess Light! As a 4th Generation High Priestess of the Ancient Goddess Ways, it was insulting to the Mother Goddess and the Creator/Source. We are here to provide true information and authentic healings for others.

I decided to become involved in this psychic fair at Crystal Voyage for the first time. What I found was a lovely group of practitioners that are in service to the Creator/Source and Mother Goddess which met all my expectations and more.

At Crystal Voyage the practitioners work together as one, and if someone can’t help they send the customer to another practitioner who can best serve them.  That is working as “ONENESS” in the loving energy of the 5th dimension, which we are to be doing now. Working with each other and not against each other.  How hard can that really be? It is not.  What is hard is to stay in an unkind space. The Crystal Voyage Psychic Fair is an ongoing energy of Love and that is what the Crystal Voyage team are doing from the employees to the practitioners.

Goddess Blessings

Dr. Brie


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