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An ancient Mayan legend tells us about the 13 life-size crystal skulls that will be rediscovered in our time and brought together so humanity may use their collective powers. Max was found in Guatemala between 1924 and 1926. Max was used by Mayan priests for healing and prayer. There have been eight documentaries made over the past 20 years about Max, The Ancient Crystal Skull, presented on The Discovery, History, TLC Net, Sci/Fi channel, and international Channel’s in 22 Countries.
There have been times I felt so alone, I have been asked to bring knowledge to others before it comes to the planet. Well never the less I was told by guides you need to sit with max here is my experience.
While I was sitting with The Crystal Skull Max, I heard you are not alone and you just need to feel the love that we are all with you on this journey. As I heard this I cried and thank Max for the message of love that has been so needed. Even in a group of several people there has been a loneness I felt in the last few years. I was reminded of the love all the Ascended Masters working with and beside me. The session was about to end, I was told by Max take a picture with me so when you feel lonely you be reminded that we are all with you on your journey.
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