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The Wisdom Journey: Learn, Live, Love

Each month Dr. Brie Gibbs will present transformation learning experiences to move the soul! Here are our upcoming events:

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Crystal Voyage, Tacoma, WA


Level 1 Classes: The Goddess in Everyone

Your journey to find and own meaningful purpose. We listen to goddess wisdom and integrate to shine the light for all.

During Brie’s travels she has been taught by many wonderful teachers and gurus but she has found out during her life that being her own guru is the best.

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Level 1: Standing in Your Own Power – Being Your Own Guru

This is a 2-hour beginning class to teach you to follow what is your truth!

Investment: FREE. Please call Crystal Voyage to reserve your spot. Seating is Limited!

Saturday April 22nd, 2017    1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

For more information please contact Dr. Brie: 253.230.0422

Website: www.drbriegibbs.com

This presentation is given by the Silver Gaia Family.

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The Wisdom Journey: Learn, Live, Love

Personal Journeys: Have No Limits.

You have limitless potential to build an amazing life. Create unique life paths using the tools we provide.


Law of Divine Oneness – everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us.

 Reviews: We Love our community, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to You. When you join the Silver Gaia Community, there is no worry  you cannot go wrong with Gaia Guidance and Light. Check out what people are saying!

“This is the Best  I have ever seen.”

“Brie Gibbs may not look like the goddess, you might be confused by her down to earth manner and her ready humor, but she is the real deal. Nothing fancy here. In the 1980’s, I was a “channel buster” so I know plain old fashioned authenticity when I see it.  In the metaphysical arena, there’s a lot of huffing and fancy languages so Brie is truly refreshing.”

“Having been an active healer for decades, and very good at what I do, opening to let people work on or with me is not easy since 95% of them are unable to have any impact. Recently, I was in a situation and Guidance said to call Brie. I did. She called in the councils and I saw them gathering. Then I was shown something that was truly miraculous. It was an extremely helpful experience and gave me the information and assistance I needed.”

“Would I recommend Brie Gibbs? You better believe I would.”

Host KKNW’s The Susan Harmon Hour

I have known Brie for roughly three years. I met her at one of her Goddess Light trainings and felt a connection almost immediately.

Brie performed healings on myself and other participants, she shared her Goddess purpose, her light and vast spiritual knowledge.

After the workshop, I felt enlightened and inspired to learn more and from there Brie and I have gone on to develop an affirming and powerful mentor/teacher partnership.

I have learned many things from Brie, but her greatest offering to me has been her lessons on authenticity, accepting one’s purpose and embracing our shadow side throughout life.  Brie’s readings have helped me create clarity, personal healing and trust within myself.

My last word, if you have questions about yourself that you have no answer to, you will benefit from working with Brie.

Shawna Michels, CHHC Personal Empowerment Coach, One on One Nutrition Coaching Emotional Wellness Coach + Radical Self Care Warrior Wellness Educator

Brie Gibbs is your one-stop shop for all your healing needs. Her expertise and styles are multifaceted, and effect lasting change from the most subtle to the most grandiose energetic levels. She’s a healer’s healer and offers her services with a no-nonsense down-to-earth kind of treatment. I have received treatments as well as witnessed her healing touch in both a group and individual setting. The results are consistently phenomenal, as she has a keen ability to make sense of any disorder surrounding us. Thank you, Brie, for your contribution and for your continued support on seemingly small as well as very large global levels of being.

Meesa Pedrozo, Owner, Harmonics 253, Sound Therapy Masters of Acupuncture candidate, Bastyr University

What a delight it has been for me to joyfully create with & experience the Multi-Talented & Gifted, Brie Gibbs.
She is following her Sacred Heart, as she receives Divine Guidance to assist bringing great Spiritual Leaders to share their gifts with the World.
It takes tremendous courage to pave the way for others.
As a LightCreator, she is dedicated to assist with Awakening each being to Remember Who They Are & to Remember the Sacred Heart Gift each is to share, in as many ways, shapes & forms possible.
Brie carries Ancient Wisdom beyond her years & has a lovely way of sharing who she is.
I feel deeply Blessed by her friendship, as we giggle & dance in the grace of each other’s essence,
in peace,

Judy Cali

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