Level 3: Activations

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Level 3: Activations

Course Description:

Activating the pineal gland is a delicate process and is done in the ancient Lumerian ways. Centering after an activation on the pineal gland is a very important step of the activation.

Brie has been activating for over 20 years, and opening the spiritual blueprint which allows you to receive further information on your spiritual journey.  The pineal gland is the size of a pea.

During the Lumerian times it was the size of a dime.  Can you imagine if our pineal gland was the size of the dime again, how connected to the Earth and the Universe we would be?  Now that we are in the Golden Ages, the same dimension as Lumeria sat 50,000 years ago, we are now in that dimension again.

Contact Brie for a true Lumerian activation.