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Who Am I?

As a Fourth Generation High Priestess I am bringing this knowledge to others so they may learn from my ancestral lineage of the Goddess Light.  I bring this information forward, with immense gratitude, for the benefit of all.  As the Masters bring the information forward, it will be released to the Universe and others.  I help others on their spiritual journeys as they embrace their true authentic selves.

My passion is teaching the Lemurian information from the Ascended Masters, Goddesses, and others, the true I AM Presence, communicating with my many animals, and showing others how they can apply the ancient ways, knowledge and wisdom for today’s world.

  • Doctorate of Metaphysical Sciences, Institute of Metaphysical Sciences (2010)

  • Masters of Theology, Institute of Metaphysical Sciences (2007)

  • B.S. Journalism, University of Washington (1984)

  • Licensed Broadcaster (1978)

Profile Picture

Dr. Brie Gibbs
Dr. Brie Gibbs
To me I am just Brie, being in service to the Creator/Source and the Mother Goddess/Gaia.

Some of my highlights

  • Reiki Master (2014)

  • Advanced ThetaHealer (2015)

  • Ordained Spiritual Minister, Universal Ministries (2008)

  • Certified Crystal Healer/Instructor (2006)

  • Certified Color Energy Practitioner (2006)

  • 4th Generation High Priestess, Universal Life Church Monastery (1995)

Dr. Brie Gibbs and Max Crystal Skull – Energy Engagement

Dr. Brie Gibbs and Max Crystal Skull – Epic Healing

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