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 Silver Gaia Healing

Goddess Light Lemurian Shamanic Healings with Dr. Brie Gibbs.

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Silver Gaia Academy

With an ever growing Desire for Consciousness, Silver Gaia Academy is committed to your growth and expansion and trusted for depth and the hero journey.

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Silver Gaia Goddess Brie Gibbs

Private Sessions with Brie

Brie Gibbs is a multi-dimensional traveler to receive messages and new healing techniques, a natural born activator, 4th generation High Priestess

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We are here to help the planet RAISE its Vibration…

Will YOU Rise to the occasion? 


Silver Gaia Radio was formed to bring forth new information supporting the ascension process happening on the planet now. Our goals are to explain what is happening and why, share new knowledge and truths, teach the Goddess Light Lemurian ways, and show others how to live an enlightened and authentic life by standing in their own power.  

Silver Gaia Radio Dr. Brie Gibbs

I have known Brie for roughly three years. I met her at one of her Goddess Light trainings and felt a connection almost immediately. Brie performed healings on myself and other participants, she shared her Goddess purpose, her light and vast spiritual knowledge. After the workshop, I felt enlightened and inspired to learn more and from there Brie and I have gone on to develop an affirming and powerful mentor/teacher partnership. I have learned many things from Brie, but her greatest offering to me has been her lessons on authenticity, accepting one’s purpose and embracing our shadow side throughout life. Brie’s readings have helped me create clarity, personal healing and trust within myself. My last word, if you have questions about yourself that you have no answer to, you will benefit from working with Dr. Brie.
~ Shawna Michels, CHHC, Personal Empowerment Coach One on One Nutrition Coaching Emotional Wellness Coach + Radical Self Care Warrior Wellness Educator

Become A Modern Day Goddess!

She is in all of us.  

Dr. Brie Gibbs, a Fourth Generation High Priestess, is bringing knowledge to others so they may learn from her ancestral lineage.

Brie works with her hands using the guidance of all councils of light, galactic council, angelic council, the ancient goddess council of Lemuria, and the skulls to do her work.

    • Trans Channel and Mediumship
    • Goddess Light Shamanic Healing (DNA, pineal activations, prana healing and breathing, golden particles, and essential oils)
    • Works with Archangel Michael to cut etheric cords & attachment removals
    • Works with Archangel Gabriel for well-being of women and children
    • Goddess Light Crystal Healing
    • Works with Goddess Councils, Angelic Councils, Galactic Councils, and all Councils of Light
    • Private and Documented Readings

Personal Mentors


Kahu Fred Sterling


Judy Cali


Dianne Robbins

My Grandmother & Mother were my greatest mentors in my life. Since the age of 9 till I was 25yrs My grandmother & mother held me in the Goddess Light and the Christ consciousness as they trained me to live in the light and work with the Mother Goddess “Gaia” and fairies, Angels and other Ascended Masters. Taught me about Lemurian’s, Elvens, and many others of the light.  I am so honored to have been taught by Two Beautiful Goddesses which due to their training lives on today!

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Full Life Design 

Silver Gaia and Dr. Brie Gibbs are Simply Irresistible.

Brie Gibbs is your one-stop shop for all your healing needs. Her expertise and styles are multifaceted, and effect lasting change from the most subtle to the most grandiose energetic levels. She’s a healer’s healer and offers her services with a no-nonsense down-to-earth kind of treatment. I have received treatments as well as witnessed her healing touch in both a group and individual setting. The results are consistently phenomenal, as she has a keen ability to make sense of any disorder surrounding us. Thank you, Brie, for your contribution and for your continued support on seemingly small as well as very large global levels of being.

What a delight it has been for me to joyfully create with & experience the Multi-Talented & Gifted, Brie Gibbs.
She is following her Sacred Heart, as she receives Divine Guidance to assist bringing great Spiritual Leaders to share their gifts with the World.
It takes tremendous courage to pave the way for others.
As a LightCreator, she is dedicated to assist with Awakening each being to Remember Who They Are & to Remember the Sacred Heart Gift each is to share, in as many ways, shapes & forms possible.
Brie carries Ancient Wisdom beyond her years & has a lovely way of sharing who she is.
I feel deeply Blessed by her friendship, as we giggle & dance in the grace of each other’s essence,
in peace.

Judy Cali, Judy Cali

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